Counselling Agreement

July 2020

You have now decided to use our counselling service, Counselling Xtra.  The service co-ordinator will have already outlined to you the basis of the counselling relationship.  Person Centred Counselling does not claim to have the answers to all of your difficulties, but it does offer the opportunity for you to explore the different ways of looking at your life in a safe and confidential place. Counselling can be a way to give you the time and space to discover for yourself more effective and rewarding ways of living and coping with your particular difficulties. More information about the Person Centred Approach can be found at Counselling is a joint venture and your commitment to the process is also important.


There are situations where confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.  If such a case arises I will always endeavour to discuss this with you initially before taking any further action. The exceptions to confidentiality are:

If after your session, within a week you have any symptoms of COVID-19 please let me know immediately. I will also contact you, should any COVID- 19 cases arise within our organisation. Please be aware that we may need to provide the NHS with your name and contact telephone number for contact tracing.

Ethical framework

As a Counselling Xtra counsellor I belong to the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice and am subject to its complaint’s procedure. Please ask if you would like a copy of either of these documents.

Please be aware that as part of my on-going professional development, I am required to submit written work (articles, case studies, etc).  For this I may need to draw upon client work.  Clients’ anonymity will be preserved at all times and will only go ahead with your specific written consent.

As your counsellor, I will listen to you in a private and confidential setting.  I do not offer advice; rather I offer you my full attention, respect and a commitment to supporting you in developing your own solutions, insight, awareness and answers to the issues which are important to you.

Sessions last approximately 50 minutes and maybe every week, typically on the same day and time, suitable to you and within my hours of operation. It is expected that the session will begin at the agreed time. Any session that begins after this time due to late client arrival for whatever reason cannot be extended beyond the agreed finish time. If you do not arrive or call within 15 minutes of the agreed appointment, this will be considered a cancellation and the therapist will not be available for the remainder of the session.

Equally, there is an expectation for you to be on time for your appointment and to give as much notice as possible.